The Simulated Universe with Riz Virk

The Mandela Effect Movie with David Guy Levy

November 6, 2021

In this fun science fiction themed episode, Riz talked with David Guy Levy, the director/producer/writer of the 2019 hit indie sci fi film, The Mandela Effect.  They also talk about some of the challenges that indie film makers face in getting their movies out, and what led to the success of thsi film.

David Guy Levy is a film producer and director and founder of Periscope Entertainment. His most recent film “The Mandela Effect” was released by Gravitas Ventures in late 2019.

He was singled out by Variety for being a “producer to watch”, his other films include "Would You Rather", "Terri" and "August" and "Banking on Bitcoin".

David also writes comic books, including his recent graphic novel “Pet Human” -- you can still grab a copy over on Kickstarter. Just search for Pet Human.

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